HEED Group

Human Engagement and Experience via Digital

HEED Group is dedicated to helping businesses and industries realize optimal customer engagement through digital technologies. HEED Group studies the complexity of the symbiotic relationship between technology and humans and works to help businesses become customer relevant through digital interfaces.

Founded by Tina Miletich

Human Experience and Engagement via Digital

HEED© is the next evolutionary step of understanding how humans intersect with their surrounding world. Human Factors, Man Machine Interaction (MMI), and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) all stem from the practice of humans interacting in a finite way with simple tools, computers and/or machines. HEED takes into account the growth of the non-human entity and is certainly beyond the interaction of trying to achieve a specified, singular task on a device such as a phone or computer. This discipline acknowledges the fact we must reconcile with the change in humanity due to our increased power of mass communications, our control over personal entertainment, the sheer computing power available to us every moment of every day.

However, there is something new in this era of “The Internet of Things.” Something Different. There is no longer a beginning, middle and end in the finite usage or interaction with machine, device or computer. Our human lives are, or soon will be, completely interconnected and dare I say dependent on our Digital counterparts. We hardly exist now, as one without the other. This open-ended dialog between the human user and its digital counterpart could afford a new definition. I am going to call the practice of what we do and how we intersect with the “Internet of Things” the discipline of Human Experience and Engagement via Digital (HEED©).

Just how vast and complex is the HEED discipline? The dialog between humans and machines has evolved or will soon evolve into a symbiotic relationship.  And as artificial intelligence grows and becomes mainstream within the “Internet of Things” so will the symbioses grow stronger. Humans truly are surrounded by Digital. From communications, managing ones life, entertainment, to their economies humans are increasingly reliant and supported through a digital interchange. Consider this, when thinking purely of communications our digital counterparts have already become an extension of the human.

The more we get connected the more we will have to filter through data, messaging and information designed for us the individual human and the best way to do this is to empower technology to understand our preferences. With growing enhancements to artificial intelligence technology, so too will our technology learn to be more adaptive to our humanness thus fulfilling on a deeper symbiotic relationship. The two will therefore be at a point of truly living together and be past the notion of needing each other to live but wanting each other for life.

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