Customer Engagement in the IoE Technology Era

Communication Insights, Rich Creativity and Deep Analytics

Customer engagement is a multifaceted discipline that is and should be the concern of any business leader. Due to the strengthening allegiance between human and the Internet of Everything (IoE) Technologies, customer engagement and communications must include rich creativity, deep analytics and foresight to deliver on the right strategy. Let’s not forget, you need to think and produce in the real-time.

HEED Group is a digital strategy, creative and analytics firm that helps business leaders invest in the right engagement strategies and rationalize the best marketing technology platforms.

Customers Won’t Wait

Marketing and Sales alignment through automation

Delivery of effective creative messaging at the most opportune moment.

Customers don’t delay in making decisions, why should your marketing, sales and operations ability to message, deliver and interact wait. We help our clients prepare their businesses to engage appropriately with prospects and customers so they experience your brand the way you imagined they should. Whether it is for first contact or to a repeat customer, HEED Group will help Marketing, Sales and Operations fulfill on your brand promises leading to an increased ROI.

Lifting Marketing & Sales ROI through an Omni-Channel Strategy

Business leaders know the world is changing on an almost continual bases propelled by technology. Humans and technology are interdependent partners in managing and experiencing life – leading to a sense of the symbiotic at times. With customers increasingly expecting greater speed, more personalization and efficiencies on any brand channel, companies are finding themselves in need of sophisticated engagement solutions. HEED Group becomes your digital partner and together we re-imagine your engagement strategy

The correct CREATIVE
The right PLATFORM
The precise CONTEXT
The accurate ANALYSES

Your customers are connected to you at all times. It’s a simple visit to your website, a request to your call center, tweeting or texting concerning your brand, your products and even your stores and employees. HEED Group believes that the more you know your customers wants and needs the better you will know yourself. It’s really very simple, if you understand what it is you need to deliver on then you manage your business accordingly. Getting to that simple appreciation can be hard, HEED Group provides the expertise in Strategy, User Experience, Creative Design and Development, Marketing, Sales Enablement, Technology and Analytics.

Know Your Audience, Know Your Company

Engagement: Social, Mobile, Internet, Events, Call Centers, In-Person